VEHICLE FRAMES - Please look carefully at your front frame for any Damage before you order! Some of our models will have slotted adjustment holes..but PLEASE READ


Some of our models have slotted mounting holes for minor fitting adjustment up to a 1/2"..but please check your frame, check your hood to see if spacing gaps are about the same for proper stock mounting without DIY modifications.


Below are two pictures of 4 Runners who came to our shop for their builds...

One picture shows the same year 4 Runner without any frame damage - tow hook is not bent - The Grizzly Winch Bumper will fit properly.

The other picture shows another 4 Runner which the owner did not know his had any frame damage - you will see the bent tow hook and crushed frame - which did not interfere with his driving, but it does interfere with stock mounting of the precision bumper.  This 4 Runner frame was pushed about 1-1/2" as shown to the passenger side - therefore, there was a tighter fit on the driver side than the passenger side showed a larger gap..

If it had been a more extensive frame movement, it would not have fit at all..

All Grizzly Winch Bumpers are precision built to a non-damaged frame..

Please make sure you check your vehicle before ordering..

As this 4 Runner came to our shop for the build, we were able to offset the holes for his precision fit; however, if he had been a distance customer, it would have mounted with a gap on the passenger side and a tighter fit on the driver side due to the slight frame movement..

4 Runner Front Winch Bumper Grizzly Metalworks